Life matters counseling

Caring Guidance To Help You Create Your Best Self

Just a Friend

Just a friend helping a friend. I will treat you the way I treat my friends. I will assist you the way I would want to be helped and I will see the best in you even when you don’t. I will remind you how awesome you are, and when you should consider making an apology. I will point out new perspectives and bring attention to what you can actually control. I will guide you and show you what you have to let go of.


"She has always given me the tools I desperately needed and the support and direction to use them. I tried five different counselors before finding Michele. She is someone with the right education and vast experience that has a deep commitment to caring for her clients as her own friends. I personally can’t say enough to describe how much she has helped me in my life." ~ Bill W.


If you are in a situation in your life that you know is temporary and know is dragging you down and you are not sure what to do, contact me. If you are looking for guidance because these feelings are uncomfortable for you, contact me. If you know you will eventually be “okay” but just need a sounding board and maybe a little support, contact me. If it’s about wanting to be a better person, contact me.

Relationship Counseling


Being emotionally involved with someone, regardless of who they are - friend, sibling, family, significant other - can be complicated. We can focus on solutions for all people involved by doing the next right thing.

Anger Management

anger management

What triggers you to become angry? How can you handle this all-consuming emotion? How can you get your point across in a more appropriate manner? Anger can be dealt with in a better way!

Self Empowerment

self empowerment

Remember that you are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Becoming aware of your self worth and the good you deserve in this world will give you so many options in your life. You can certainly become your best self and I can certainly guide you on this path, creating a more fulfilled you.

Addictions Counseling


The disease of addiction can happen to any person, anytime. Addictions are not only drugs and alcohol but can be misery, drama, people, etc. I believe in the power of a 12-step program and can assist you in your recovery program. Living life on life's terms is complicated. I can help you get through this thing called life.