Understanding Poverty for Helping Professionals

Based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne

Ruby Payne’s principal message is that class is not simply a monetary condition. She describes it as a culture with particular rules, values, and knowledge transmitted from one generation to the next that inform people how to live their lives successfully — how to build and keep relationships, how to get one’s needs met, how to entertain and be entertained, and more. Payne asserts that the educational, financial, human services and other systems in the United States follow the hidden rules of middle class. Thus children and adults in a culture of poverty do not experience what many Americans define as success because they have been taught the hidden rules of poverty, but not the hidden rules of being middle class. The workshop is not intended to judge one class as better than another. It is designed to open channels of communication, making explicit the hidden rules of class at all levels, and encouraging professional helpers to teach people in poverty the rules of middle class. Additionally, the workshop does not address the problems with the class system itself. It merely helps participants to have greater understanding of the hidden rules of class, and how those rules determine one’s ability to survive and thrive.

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Self Empowerment

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